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Saturday, 17 June 2017

Fear grip Anedo Kingdom in Nnewi as Hausa men were caught offloading Arms from a trailer load of goods

It all happened on the evening of Wednesday in Nnewi wen a truck supposed to have contain food stuffs arrive from the northern path of the country.

According to our eye witness Mr. Sunday Mba who have being working as an unskilled labour in the garage for 10years, who stated that they having being working in the garage without discrimination, all truck that arrive from any part of the country is being offloaded by a combine effort of both Igbo, Hausa and Yoruba men in the pack and profit is share equally.

    But on this faithful Evening when the truck Arrive from plateau state, the Hausas' insisted on doing the work alone, this was usual as they where shocked by such proposal but after much argument, they grant their wish because the said goods was own by one Hausa business tycoon.

   They grant their wish but had their eye on them as the offloading continue till late hour when a box was brought out from the truck and hidden very close to a near by gully, having observe the incident from an harm lent they alerted the security To Help unveil the identity of the hidden box as result of distrust for the Northern men, the box was extracted and unlocked....low and behold was filled with Ammunition and war materials.
   They were interrogate and few immediately flee the scenario, the rest was arrested and investigation is still going on.

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