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Thursday, 15 June 2017

Federal Govt: no need to panic over quit notice

For the umpteenth time, the government yesterday implored Nigerians not to panic over the quit notice issued to easterners in the North.

Briefing State House correspondents after the Federal Executive Council meeting chaired by Acting President Yemi Osinbajo, Minister of Information Lai Mohammed, said Nigerians were free to live anywhere in the country.
According to him, the government is on top of the situation.
He said the series of consultation meetings the Acting President is holding is to calm down the situation and reassure Nigerians of their safety anywhere in the country.
He said: “We want to make comments on what is agitating the minds of Nigerians, that is the call for people from certain parts of the country to relocate to their region, generally very disquieting voices. We just want to assure Nigerians that the government is on top of the matter.
“The idea is not just to assure Nigerians that we are doing something about it but also to give comfort to all Nigerians that this matter is completely under control.
“To assure Nigerians that any Nigerian anywhere is save, the security authorities are completely on top of the matter and they will deal decisively with any group of people whose conduct is believed is going to create instability in the country.
“So there is no need for anybody to panic, there is no need for anybody to move from any part of the country. The security agencies are on top of the matter and there is no reason for anybody to panic.”
On why the two newly confirmed Ministerial nominees by the Senate are yet to be sworn-in, he said: “I’m not sure whether we’ve had the communication from National Assembly. But what I will do is that I will probably ask from the Acting President or the liaison officer then I will come and give you feedback.”

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