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Monday, 26 June 2017

Firefighters help Man remove metal Rings from his Manh00d after Getting Stuck (Photos)

A man had to have metal rings removed from his penis by the firebrigade when a sexual experiment went wrong.  The 33-year-old man – who would only give his first name of ‘Wirat’ – had been pleasuring himself at home when he slipped two small metal rings onto his manhood.
But they became stuck and his penis began to swell – leaving Wirat in pain as the circulation was cut-off to parts of his organ.

He went to Pattaya City Hospital in Thailand on Saturday and pleaded with medics to remove the make-shift sex toy which he said he had been ‘experimenting’ with.
Wirat initially feigned implausible innocence, saying that he did not know what the rings were or how they had miraculously appeared there.
But then he admitted he had put them on himself.

Doctors tried to remove the device but had to call the local rescue group for backup – who arrived with a selection of plier, cutting tools and a reporter who had picked up the emergency call.
Eye-watering pictures show the man laid out on a hospital bed as a nurse holds a lamp and two doctors and rescue worker Luang Watcharapong battle to cut away the rings.
Luang Watcharapong from the Sawang Boribun Fire Rescue Center who attended the incident at the hospital said the man was in ‘less pain’ after the rings were removed.

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