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Monday, 12 June 2017

MOPOL Breaks ‘Keke’ Rider’s Leg With His Gun Over Parking Right In Lagos (Photos)

A mobile policeman attached to an engineering firm in Lagos on Thursday, June 8, assaulted and beat a middle-aged tricycle rider to stupor over parking right. 

The tricycle rider identified as Michael Akande said that after dropping off a passenger in Ikeja industrial area, the policeman arrived with his principal and was blowing horn for him to remove his ‘Keke’ from the road.

He said that he told them to be patient because his tricycle all of a sudden refused to start as he tried moving it. In the process of trying to remove the tricycle from the road, the MOPOL came down from the car and dragged the man beating him to stupor and also breaking his leg bones with the butt of his gun.

The tricycle rider who couldn’t walk after the incident – was taken to the hospital by well meaning citizens and people who witnessed the police brutality.

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