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Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Meet The Big-size Sex Worker Who Earns Big Money By Sitting On Men (Photos)

A 25-stone woman is spilling steamy secrets about her former life as a dominatrix – revealing how she could earn several hundreds of pounds by sitting on men while eating pizza. 

Miranda Kane, 36, of Finchley, London, worked as a big beautiful woman (BBW) escort in London for seven years.

Using the name Melody, she would charge up to £2,000 for a night in a rented flat, also in London, where she’d make the fantasies of men aged 18 to 80 come true.
Read according to Mirror Online
Some of their kinks included being spanked with wooden spoons, or popping balloons with different body parts.
“The things you can do with inanimate objects baffles me,” said Miranda, who is originally from Dorset.
“A lot of the time I think, ‘How do you find this a turn on?’”
Miranda became a sex worker at 23, after her dream career in stand-up comedy failed to materialise.
Before this, she had quit her miserable job in telesales and started working part-time in Ann Summers, the saucy underwear and sex toys shop.
She was also going on dates with men she met through Yahoo! chatrooms and OkCupid online dating site.
At first, she said she was surprised by the amount of male attention she received, as she was used to being overlooked because of her size.
Many of the men Miranda met up with were simply after no strings attached sex.
Feeling used when they failed to ask her out on a proper dinner date, she began to wonder if she could charge them for the pleasure of her company.
After trawling the internet for a BBW escorts website, she uploaded her picture and phone number to one.
She assumed nothing would come of it but, within half an hour, she had been contacted by a man staying in a posh hotel on Park Lane.
That evening, she earned £300 by spending an hour with him.
She didn’t sleep with him, and said she felt great afterwards, and that it’d been more like a date.
By the time she had reached 30, the number of BBW sex workers in London had skyrocketed.
No longer interested in competing for business, Miranda turned her attention to comedy.
She said: “Sex workers are always shown as people addicted to drugs, people who are being trafficked or as being like Billie Piper’s part in the TV show adaptation of Belle Du Jour.
“She never had any friends, was chasing after one guy and lived in a mansion block on the South Bank.
“There was no scene of her getting drunk with her friends at a Wetherspoon’s on a Friday night – which is what my life was like.”

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  1. Definition of dominatrix - a dominating woman, especially one who takes the sadistic role in sadomasochistic sexual activities. dominatrix