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Monday, 18 September 2017

70-year-old man confers suicide in Otukpo

Residents of Okokoro Road, Otukpo region of Benue State were amid the end of the week tossed into confusion..
Following a 70-year-old man distinguished as Inuwa (surname withheld) was discovered dead in his well. 

The purpose behind his activity couldn't be learned as the expired did not desert any suicide note. 

A resident revealed to GIFTEDBLOG that, "we've been searching for him since Friday, supposing he may have gone some place and perhaps lost his direction, not realizing that he fell into the well. 

"Toward the beginning of today we saw a vast object in the well, we found that it was his inert remains". 

Mallam Inuwa, who is made due by 7 children, has been taken to his country home in Odogomu in Ankpa neighborhood government territory of Kogi State. 

The police said they didn't know about the incident at the season of this report.

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