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Friday, 15 September 2017

Biafra National Guard blasts Buhari, charges Igbos to battle Nigerian Army

Biafra National Guard (BNG) has thrashed President Muhammadu Buhari for sending Nigerian troops toward the South-east. 

The gathering said the military occupation was to do slaughter and asked Igbos by all methods important to shield themselves against fighters sent to the region. 

Review that BNG prior in the week proclaimed war against the Nigerian Army. 

An announcement by BNG representative, 'Major Nkuma' peruses: "Real General Muhammadu Buhari who ousted a justly chose President of Nigeria in 1984; a staunch despot and hater of the general population of Biafra has pronounced war against serene and law-abiding individuals of Biafra. 

"After numerous times of attempting to come to control; he at long last prevailing in 2015 in the midst of risk to splash monkeys and primates in their blood. Many had thought he had a decent mission however his journey for control was just to bear on the genocide he couldn't finish in 1967. 

"It is on record that Muhammadu Buhari assumed a noteworthy part in the 1967-70 genocide against the general population of Biafra. The Biafra National Guard has it on great knowledge that Muhammadu Buhari sent warriors to a few sections of Biafra land to execute unprotected individuals of Biafra. 

"The conveyed fighters have begun to debilitate and execute Biafrans as per the request issued to them, yet, we ask why a rational man would release officers to slaughter unarmed and helpless individuals and UN stayed silent. 

"Since on the tenth of September 2017, Nigerian armed force has been on frenzy in Abia, Anambra, Delta and Rivers state. They have been attacking; scary, executing and driving Biafrans to vanish; we know that the way of life of murder and truck away of the Nigerian armed force is in charge of the vanishing. 

"We were adequately educated of the attack in the home of the pioneer of Indigenous People of Biafra who has never raised riffle against Nigerian state or infringed upon any known law. We are additionally aware of the shooting and casualties up until now; barriers focusing on regular citizens. 

"We additionally got knowledge on the accumulating of arms in Biafra land by Buhari; arms are being stored in their Hausa/Fulani controlled military sleeping enclosure and Mosques-intended to be utilized against the Biafran populace. 

"We are raising caution not on the grounds that we are disabled or asking anybody to save our lives however we are raising alert to maintain a strategic distance from faults. Biafra National Guard can reestablish Biafra which is the main thing that can ensure security of our lives. 

"At this crossroads; we trust that no one will point the finger at us in light of the fact that there must without a doubt be add up to reaction. The since quite a while ago dreaded self-protection that may prompt all out war is past due; we ask Biafrans to get ready to safeguard their lives. 

"The military occupation, relentless killing and attack of our kin won't set plan for us, we have not announced any war but rather calling the consideration of the world to our predicament; we will take as much time as is needed and indicate we can safeguard our lives and our territory-we should react if this slaughter proceed. 

We won't keep on watching them take away our lives. Israel viewed on until the point when Hitler took away more than three million existences of Jews; had they not guarded their lives, there won't be anything like home of the Jews today. 

"Biafra has lost more than six million lives in the hands of Hausa/Fulani but has no home. It is time we confronted our destiny; it is time we protected our lives, our properties and our territory. 

"The fighters conveyed to Biafra land ought to rapidly backpedal to North and Niger Republic where they came as hired fighters. They will just have their lives to lament on the off chance that they keep on occupying Biafra land since they don't have anything to do here. 

"Our land is a land of peace and a call for choice is not a call for war; we feel sorry for the fighters and what will happen upon them on the off chance that they don't withdraw. Buhari can't send them to bite the dust while he appreciates with his family. 

"Warriors must figure out how to battle a simply war; they should figure out how to be human and they should remain against despots. Troopers should discover pride in guarding and securing lives against unfriendly foes and not swinging to weapon down unarmed regular citizens that is fairly cowardice. 

"England must be considered responsible; everything going ahead in Biafra and the rain that is going to douse dick and harry is their arrangement; however we would demonstrate Hausa/Fulani that we have made sanctuary. We should deliberately safeguard our lives and our land and never might they have their path like in 1967. 

"We have decided to kick the bucket for Biafra and demise we should without regret. We are warriors yet officers of equity, opportunity and love; we just need Biafra to end slaughtering and political strangulation of our kin."

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