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Sunday, 10 September 2017

Buhari wants to wipe out Igbos from Nigeria – IPOB raises alert

The Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, has charged that President Muhammadu Buhari has requested the Nigerian armed force to wipe out Igbos from the nation. 

IPOB said it was disgraceful that Buhari has requested the Chief of Army Staff, Tukur Buratai to murder anybody supporting the Biafran cause as opposed to concentrating on the Boko Haram insurgents, which had assume control over the northern region. 

The gathering in an announcement on Sunday by its representative, Emma Powerful said Buhari had promised to wipe out Biafra subjects from the substance of the earth. 

The announcement peruses in full. 

"We wish to ready mankind about the mischievously undemocratic noiseless Jihadi war released on quiet Biafran populaces, so as to finish the annihilation of the Igbo race under the guise of military exercise in a tranquil civilian condition. This demonstration of primitive criminal intimidation and incitement by Fulani Islamic fundamentalists in the Buhari administration, must not go unchallenged by men and ladies of good conscience. 

"Significant General Muhammadu Buhari was apparently chosen to manage a straightforward civilian democratic government. Be that as it may, what we have today is an administration of Fulani ethnic jingoists and extraordinary levels of religious bias at no other time saw in Nigeria. This Buhari administration is the most noticeably bad sort of chose autocracy. This most recent endeavor to utilize military show of power in Biafraland to manage authentic quiet tumult for self assurance vindicates IPOB position that Nigeria is irredeemably primitive and unequipped for human development. 

"Where on earth is it heard that battle prepared troops are sent inside the outskirts of a nation to manage a peaceful civil issue; just in Nigeria. It makes a joke of the part of the military and a babble of the constitution that fighters can be requested by one armed force officer, without the consent of the Senate, to execute civilian populaces in a zone without any contention. This is one of the many reasons we IPOB can't have the same geo-political space with individuals that can scarcely reason like people. 

"These dumbfounded and clueless individuals from APC Party in Aso Rock under the supervision of Major General Muhammadu Buhari have by and by demonstrated their undemocratic and savage nature. For Fulani Caliphate to figure they can threaten Biafrans a similar way they scared and vanquished Hausa individuals alongside different indigenous ethnic minorities of the North, demonstrates they are not good understudies of history. Past Fulani Jihadi crusades to vanquish and enslave Biafraland have constantly finished in disappointment, that is the reason Biafra has stayed till date untainted by destructive Jihadi Islam not at all like other coastal regions of West Africa. 

"Real General Muhammadu Buhari and his center Arewa North are misinformed into speculation this present era can be stifled with dangers of war as they did to our fathers. Arewa North erroneously gloated that they won the 1967-70 War. In any case, as serving officers, which some of them were amid that time, they knew completely well that Biafra was vanquished by Britain and her kindred backstabbers not Nigeria. History is loaded with occasions and examples where British help for Nigeria, particularly in regards to the mystery offer of weapons to Gowon, demonstrated definitive in consummation the war for Nigeria. 

"The reality remains that Nigeria as a nation has never won any war individually, they generally require outside help to succeed. The restricted additions made against Boko Haram in 2015 was because of the coalition set up together by President Jonathan, involving troops from Chad, Niger and Cameroon. Nigeria can't point to any battlefield involving solely of Nigerian troops with exemption of the Congo undertaking drove by Gen. JT Aguiyi-Ironsi, where they recorded any triumph against an outfitted opposition. Cameroon took Bakassi Peninsula from Nigeria after arrangement of clashes between them that finished in vanquish for Nigeria both on the front line and in court. 

"Nigerian Army are just solid with regards to executing unarmed serene civilians. In war zone against a considerable foe, they are cowards. At whatever point they come into contact with any fight prepared development they disintegrate and escape. We IPOB exhortation Buratai not to walk his Islamic armed force into Biafraland under the front of Operation Python Dance in light of the fact that IPOB is upsetting for self assurance in a quiet way. We have no arms and will never fall back on carrying weapons. Buhari and Buratai ought to rather concentrate their consideration on the Boko Haram desolated zones of Bornu, Yobe, and Adamawa. Boko Haram is an all around furnished armed force, they are the ones Buratai ought to be confronting not advertise ladies in Aba and merchants at Onitsha. We are serene individuals by nature yet won't endure any attack or intimidation on our dirt. 

"The couple of insane individuals giving a shout out to Buratai with this not recommended military exercise were similar individuals that required the execution of Mohammed Yusuf, the tranquil Boko Haram pioneer. His passing gave Nigerians Abubakar Shekau and the savage uprising attacking the North today. Progressive Nigerian governments are good at making issues out of nothing. Had the Nigerian Government not executed Mohammed Yusuf without a second thought, there wouldn't have been any Boko Haram as we probably am aware it today. 

"Had Ken Saro Wiwa not been executed by the Nigerian state, there would be no militancy in the Niger Delta. Those Hausa Fulani individuals profiting from safeguard contracts and needing to grow the outskirts of Islam into Biafraland must realize that any contention they light will expend them since Britain will never again bolster them straightforwardly should they incite another wicked clash in Biafra. We guidance Buratai to reclaim his reinforced tanks to the war front in the North where it's required as we are not battling any war in the East. 

"We request that each Biafran stay cool and keep on being honest in our serene fomentation to reestablish Biafra. Give no one a chance to engage any dread in light of the fact that the world knows we are IPOB and all things considered, we are without fear before our foes. IPOB Family under the charge and administration of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu are in the forceful hands of the Lord the Most High Creator of Heaven and Earth."

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