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Monday, 11 September 2017

'I want to walk once more' - 6 year old Boko Haram victim says

Dickens Sanomi Foundation to the safeguard For six-year old Boko Haram victim Ali Ahmadu, who is doing combating a spinal cord injury, it is not over – on account of his bravery and assistance from a foundation. 

The surgery is being bankrolled by Dickens Sanomi Foundation, which was set up by Mr. Igho Sanomi who claims the Taleveras Group. It will cost $48,000 (about N17.5million). 

Ali, who left the country on board an Ethiopian Airline flight with his close relative, is normal back inside three months. 

He said more than once in Hausa: "Ina so insake tafiya da kafana… Don Allah ataimakamu… Don Allah. Ina so in je makaranta". ("I want to start to stroll with my legs once more. For's the love of all that is pure and holy, help me. I want to go to class"). 

Ali's close relative, Mrs. Hannatu Madu, told correspondents: "We are anticipating God to make this surgery fruitful. He is a promising kid. 

In any case, he turned into a victim of Boko Haram's attack of Chibok. Over the most recent three years, he has not possessed the capacity to walk." 

The Founder of GIPLC, Mr. Nuhu Fulani Kwajafa, clarified that Ali was overwhelm by Boko Haram terrorists' bikes when they scoured Chibok people group a couple of days subsequent to snatching the Chibok young ladies in April 2014. 

He stated: 

"Ali has spinal cord injury. 

"Ali was being conveyed by his pregnant mother who was attempting to escape from the Boko Haram aggressors however tumbled down as she was endeavoring to run and Ali tumbled off her back and he was overwhelm by the terrorists. 

"With mother and youngster truly harmed, Ali was kept under a tree for around three days awithout any type of medicine. He was bleeding from mouth and nose. 

"Ali has remained disabled because of his spinal cord injury." 

He clarified how GIPLC and Dickens Sanomi Foundation worked together on the corrective surgery. 

"We became more acquainted with about his condition and started to prepare for his treatment when somebody called from Chibok and portrayed his abandoned condition to us. 

We conveyed him to Abuja and started to activate bolster for his corrective surgery in Dubai. 

"We are taking him to Dubai today and ideally he will be reestablished to his ordinary condition. We are sure that after the surgery he will be recovered." 

"We moved energetically promptly to raise the $65,000 required for the surgery in Dubai. 

"Luckily for us subsequent to meeting a few Nigerians for help, including Senate President Bukola Saraki and some Nigerian lawmakers, we moved toward the Dickens Sanomi Foundation, which has benevolently made accessible the adjust of $48,000 required for the surgery." 

An individual from the foundation's leading group of trustees of Dickens Sanomi Foundation, Hayi Goodluck, stated: "We chose to assemble the assets required to give little Alli Ahmadu corrective surgery in Dubai in order to spare his life and give him a future. 

"We are now so amped up for the possibility of another rent of life for Ali and we guarantee to remain by him some time recently, amid and after the surgery in Dubai. 

"The Dickens Sanomi Foundation won't cook for him in Dubai yet will likewise take up his education upon his arrival from surgery all in a consider offer to balance out him and help him to live and actualise his fantasy as a man made by God. 

"We want to guarantee Ali, his family and Nigerians that the Dickens Sanomi Foundation won't relinquish him in his snapshot of critical need. We remain by him to the end. In reality, the Chairman of the Dickens Sanomi Foundation has set his heart on Ali. He has a soft spot for him."

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