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Thursday, 28 September 2017

Music producer TeeBeeO loses his entire studio to fire...blames PHCN's voltage surge

Music Producer and Sound Engineer, Tubosun Olowe aka TeeBeeO on Tuesday night lost some significant areas of his apartment including his recording studio after it was gutted by fire.

At the time of the fire outbreak, TeeBeeO and his wife Queenneth Tariah were at home but the pair were unhurt. Taking to Instagram to share photos and video from the damages done to his apartment, the producer blamed PHCN's ‘destructive’ voltage surge for the fire incident.

Read what he wrote below....
'Tough times never last, tough people do... Last night, my apartment was gutted by fire, razing my home lab (studio) to the ground & also significantly affecting some other areas in the apartment- the living room, master bedroom and the lobby upstairs most especially. 
''While watching TV in the living room (that was literally less than an hour after getting home from a long day in Lagos traffic), Wifey & I heard the inverter beeping quite unusually. The unusual inverter alarm could only mean one thing – that there was a dangerous voltage surge from NEPA’s power supply. '
'This wasn’t completely strange as there had been occasions when some bulbs in the apartment would explode as a result of this same destructive NEPA power surge (an experience some of my neighbours have also had in their own apartments), despite the fact that most of my appliances, including the bulbs, were routed through the inverter just to prevent such occurrences.'
Minutes after switching the inverter off & on, just to carry out some form of reset to restabilize the voltage supply, we perceived some smoke. I immediately went to check on the inverter thinking it was the source of the smoke before my wife called my attention to my studio downstairs.' 
'Unfortunately, it was already too late by the time I opened the door, as the entire room was up in flames & the fire was beginning to spread to the living room. My strong suspicion is that this was caused by yet another bulb explosion, because every other appliance in that room was off at the time.' 
'We immediately ran out & shouted for help. Our wonderful neighbours & indeed the entire neighbourhood rallied round & were able to help quench the fire, thereby averting more havoc to the entire building.'
'Yes, we’ve lost quite a lot of possessions but thankful still, because it could have been much worse. It’s just a phase, and it will surely pass.'

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