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Thursday, 5 October 2017

R&B singer Christopher Williams arrested for stealing $99 worth of Headphones

American singer, Christopher Williams was arrested for allegedly stealing a pair of JBL headphones priced at $99.99.
According to TMZ report, the incident went down on Saturday at a Kohl’s in McDonough, Georgia where Chris walked in with a tote bag while wearing a baseball cap. 

He reportedly went to the back of the store and grabbed a pair of JBL headphones priced at $99.99 and threw it into his bag and tried walking out. When security stopped him, Chris said he simply forgot he bagged them.
The singer was arrested and booked for petty theft, a misdemeanor but he was released after a couple hours.
The singer is known for the 1991 hit "I'm Dreamin" from the “New Jack City” movie soundtrack.

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