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Wednesday, 29 November 2017

"Its a slap in the face if Nigerians can be treated in this manner" - Senate reacts to Libya Slave trade

The Nigerian Senate has reacted to the Libyan slave trade auctions.
At plenary today, after reviewing the gruesome images and videos that have populated the news media, the Senate took action on the ongoing slave trade in Libya.
In a statement released moments ago, 'we passed a Resolution calling on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to summon the Libyan Ambassador to Nigeria to discuss ending the ongoing Libyan slave trade of black Africans -- many of them of Nigerian descent'.

The Motion titled “Urgent Need to Protect Nigerian Citizens from the Libya Slavery Auctions” also called on Mr. President to use the opportunity of the ongoing EU-AU Summit in Abidjan to table the matter before the Libyan delegation.
As a country it is a slap in the face if Nigerians can be treated in this manner. Other countries are taking necessary actions to bring back their citizens, we need to be doing the same. In this regard, we resolved to condemn in totality the current depravity and sheer animalism being exhibited by the Libyan slave traders, who are selling fellow Africans as slaves.
'We also urged the federal government to urgently investigate how many Nigerians are affected and urgently commence the process of repatriation and rehabilitation of Nigerian citizens caught up in these despicable treatment and human rights abuses'.

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