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Friday, 24 November 2017

Regina Daniels' impersonator arrested as it's revealed Amanda Chisom is wanted by police for false accusation; Amanda replies

Teen actress, Regina Daniels has released a video purportedly showing her in a police station with a man who she claims has been impersonating her to dupe young females. 

She went on to reveal that Amanda Chisom, who accused her of blackmailing a teenager, is wanted by police for making false accusations.

Two days ago, Amanda Chisom accused Regina Daniels of threatening to release nude photos belonging to Frances, 17, if she doesn't have sex with a producer called Richy Adams (read here). 
Amanda shared messages and screenshots as proof after she got an SOS message from the victim. 

She revealed that she sent messages to Regina Daniels' verified Instagram account to verify that indeed it was the actress and not an impersonator, and based on events that followed, it seemed pretty convincing that she was communicating with the right person, not an impersonator.
The 17-year-old actress denied all the accusations and claimed she was being impersonated. She has now shared a video of herself at a police station with a man alleged to be the impersonator. 

He was allegedly caught with two of his victims and incriminating information were found on his phone. Regina has explained that the phone numbers which TrueCaller showed to have been registered under her name were registered by the impersonator for his shady dealings.  

Some things are still unexplained at this point. For instance, how the impersonator got the messages sent by Amanda to Regina Daniels' verified Instagram account which was then sent back to the victim to threaten her for speaking up. 
Meanwhile, Amanda Chisom, who was trying to help a victim who reached out to her, is wanted by the police. She has now replied on Facebook with proof that she followed due process to verify the identities of those involved before bringing the issue to social media.

She also shared a statement from the lawyer whom she contacted regarding the case.
Read her post below.

Below is the video of Regina Daniels at the police station.

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