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Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Vote for Ode Ikechukwu for NAAFSA President (ESUT Chapter)

Odo Ikechukwu Benedict 

For NAAFSA president Esut chapter 

My vision is to blend studies and social activities therefore making education fun. 

Starting from our first years. Organizing a comprehensive orientation for them to make them know they are in the right place, appreciate their course and to spur them to read and diligently work hard.
  Also to equip our laboratories with modern laboratory equipments which will go a long way in producing top notch animal scientists which is ultimate aim of the department. 

 There will also be excursion and seminars for the students of the department. Which will include talks from both professionals in the agricultural sector and other sectors as well. 
 Our department shall and always be the talk of the town. You can't afford to miss voting Ikechukwu Benedict. 

Vote for 
1. Honesty
2. Active representation 
3. Transparency
4. Credibility
5. Fidelity 

Vote for ODO BEN

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