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Friday, 1 December 2017

Anyone That Hates my Makeup is a Broke Ass – Actress, Moyo Lawal

Controversial actress, Moyo Lawal, doesn’t care about what people says about her because she is not living her life for anyone.
The actress who took to her Instagram to share a photo of her makeup face and could not hide her feelings as she appreciated herself at the level she has taken the makeup game to.

While sharing the photo the actress warned that anyone who does not like her makeup is a hater and broke to a point of not being able to afford a good one like her.
Expressing joy about her makeup, she wrote, “My makeup game is simply too strong. Anyone who says otherwise is just a hater that is why I don’t like wasting my makeup on just showing up anyhow at any event. That’s why I either go to work. go shopping or sit my supermodel sef at home. P.s if you don’t like my makeup it is because you are broke and you don’t have money to be buying enough makeup (be using makeup for one year awon elebi.”

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