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Monday, 1 January 2018

Happy New Year (2018) Here's my prayer for you

I know 2017 was disappointing for some of didn't achieve what you set out to achieve, you went through so much pain that you wondered at the time if you would survive. You felt God gave you more burden than you could handle. 
You were let down, disappointed, and some of you were broken. Completely. How many thought of ending it all? The pain and suffering was too much. You wondered, why me? Has God forgotten me? Are my prayers not enough, the work I put in not enough? You wonder when the pain will go away, when the prayers will be answered, when will it be your turn? You wonder if there's light at the end of the tunnel, if you will survive, if you will smile again, be happy again. You wonder when your tears will stop falling, when you will stop bleeding, when your miracle will come.

Well, 2017 is over! Completely done, never to come again and with it, your fears, pain, tears and sorrow.

Here's my prayer for you in 2018. Beginning from today January 1st, 2018, God will wipe away your tears of pain and sufferings. You will experience miracles that will leave you speechless and leave others in disbelief. 

God will honour your name publicly and ancient landmarks will bow to your entry. God will seek you specifically and favour will come to you from the East and the West. God will open supernatural doors for you and laws will be suspended in your favor. God will restore your blessings and you shall be lifted high and led to your enthronement. 

God will use you as an example to show that He's a miracle God. People will hear your testimony and their hopes in God will be revived.

Nations will celebrate you. Your family and friends will celebrate you. Even your enemies will celebrate you. Your breakthrough is coming soon so please be ready. Everything that you have prayed for will be answered in the first quarter of 2018...God is about to take you to a level that mouths won't be able to close.

The Goodness and mercy of God shall follow you all through 2018 and the rest of your life. Your storm ended in 2017. Your depression ended in 2017. Your disappointments ended in 2017. Your sleepness nights has ended in 2017.

I decree and declare that your time for upliftment is finally here! You will shine so bright this year that the world will take notice and use you as a point of contact and a point for prayers. You will see increase in every area of your life. What would have taken years to achieve will only take months from now. This is your year! God has promised you that!

May 2018 be the beginning of the best years of your life.

Happy New Year.

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