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Friday, 23 February 2018

Motor Insurance Using Be Wiser Insurance Company

With over 100 insurance companies in the UK offering thousands of different insurance policies, ensuring you have the one that really meets your needs and requirements is nothing short of a lottery.
You are told to 'compare', that you are 'confused', that this 'market' or that 'market' has the cheapest quotation. The truth in most cases is that your information is being collected just to be sold to the highest bidder, who then offers the cheapest possible policy whether it meets your needs or not! The hope being that they can force you to buy lots of other add-on policies and products, that prove to have little or no use, at over inflated prices.

At Be Wiser, they are not going to sell your information to other insurance institutions. Neither will they pester you with endless emails nor unwanted phone calls.

Be Wiser are simply going to offer you what they consider is the best insurance policy to meet your needs. Having over 125 years of experience in making sure clients always get the right policy at the right price. Their team has selected what is considered to be the finest insurers in the UK. knowing that they are able to help anyone who is looking to insure their car, van, bike or home.

One should remember an insurance policy is a promise by an insurance company to pay if an insured misfortune occurs; a promise is only as good as the person or organisation that gives it. Being wiser after the event is something none of them can afford.

They are warm, friendly and experienced. Their goal is to give the level of service hoping you will enjoy and most importantly benefit from. All of their quotations give you RAC Roadside Assistance and claim assistance at no extra cost.

Please Read Carefully

To help with your online quotation please have the following information to hand:
The personal details of all drivers
Full details of the vehicle to be insured
Details of any claims or convictions for all drivers
Details of any No Claims Bonus claimed.

Car Insurance:

Please speed up your online quotation by confirming that the conditions below are correct.
All drivers are permanent residents of the United Kingdom and do not have more than one occupation.
All drivers are legally entitled to drive in the UK and have a valid licence.
None of the drivers have any medical conditions which must be legally disclosed to the DVLA.
None of the drivers have any non-motoring convictions unspent under the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act e.g. theft, dishonesty, or fraud.
None of the drivers have ever had insurance refused, cancelled, voided, or special terms imposed on any insurance policy.
The vehicle has not been modified in any way from the manufacturer's standard specification and does not exceed 7 seats.
The vehicle is not registered as a Q plate.
You own the vehicle and it is registered in your name. The vehicle will be kept at your home address.
The vehicle will not be used for private hire, competitions, rallies, trials, track days, off road events or for any purpose in connection with the motor trade.
As part of the quotation process you may be contacted by us as further discounts and benefits may apply.
It may be that you cannot comply with these criteria. If this is the case please call them free on 0800 954 9570 and they will be glad to assist you.

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