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Wednesday, 7 February 2018

Teacher styles her hair like her student's hair to make her feel better

A teacher at Lakeview Elementary School in Sugar Land, Texas has won the admiration of people after she did something phenomenal to make her student feel good about herself.
Ms. Bishop told a Black student of hers that her hair was lovely but the child did not believe it and still felt insecure about it. So, Bishop turned up at school the following day with her hair styled exactly like the student's own. 

The smile on the little girl's face at seeing her teacher wearing the same her as hers was enough to show that the teacher had achieved her aim of making the girl feel more beautiful and confident in her natural hair.
Ms. Bishop's story was shared on Twitter and Twitter users showered her with praise for her action. The post got over 122,000 retweets.
Bishop responded to all the love on Twitter saying: "Wow!!! Thank you so much [for] sharing this is just me simply living my purpose....teaching children (and all people) to feel whole & loved!! Thank you again for sharing"

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